A big warm welcome to the British Obesity Society


Hello and a big warm welcome to the British Obesity Society (BOS), a new organisation representing the interests of people both living with, and working, in the field of obesity. Our organisation is working towards improving services and developing a healthier community in the UK. Here at BOS we are committed to help make a difference to people whose lives are plagued by obesity.

We believe that our members; both health care professionals and the general public, should work together and learn from each other so that together we can make a difference.

We want you to share your stories so others can learn about your successes and failures. We want you to share our passion here at BOS for improving the lives of the obese population. We want you to truly be part of the BOS society.

We welcome your views and invite you to take a trip around our website to learn more about the aims and objectives of our society.

Welcome aboard and we look forward to your comments and ideas.
Please visit the Obesity News section where there are many useful articles. 

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Message from the Chair - 2016

2016 will bring big challenges for our organisation as we try and help improve the weight and fitness levels of our nation. There is no doubt that changing the way we eat and what we eat is tough and needs to be a lifelong commitment, as does physical activity. The real challenge for us all is how can we actually start to enjoy it?

There are lots of simple tips that might be useful to help us make these changes so here are some of our top tips for 2016.

1.    Reduce portion sizes for both food and high calorie drinks

2.    Never eat whilst doing something else such as watching TV, walking,
       driving, etc.

3.    When full stop eating, if you hate wasting food save the food for another 

4.    Eat regular meals and cut out snacks inbetween

5.    Weigh yourself regularly (for some this might even mean daily)

6.    Avoid processed foods and takeaways, where possible try to cook from

7.    Get the whole family involved in cooking

8.    Drink more water, don't confuse being thirsty with hunger

9.    Make physical activity a bigger part of each day, use interactive tools to
       measure your steps

10.  Remember changes need to fit in with your lifestyle otherwise you will stop
       doing it very quickly

11.  You do not need to be a super athlete, regular walks for more than 30
       minutes each day will benefit your health

If any of our followers would like to share their tips please feel free to tweet us, or email us and we will tweet your tips on our website.


October 2015 - CPPE press release on the launch of NICE's latest online learning tool on Obesity, developed by CPPE.

pdfNICE's Latest Online Obesity Tool

BOS Poster Competition

Student's poster design will highlight obesity problems

A thought-provoking poster has been designed by a University of Wolverhampton art student as part of a campaign to tackle obesity.

Zoe Westwood created the 'eating your feelings' design for the British Obesity Society after the charity launched a competition for a creative poster to catch public attention.

design a poster

Her winning artwork depicts a person eating biscuits with words such as 'sadness', 'boredom' and 'worry', highlighting emotional links to overeating.

pdfFull Press Release

jpgAre you Eating your Feelings?

jpegPhoto - Winning Presentation

Statement on EU Ruling on Obesity Becoming A Disability

The British Obesity Society believes that there is a chance that by making obesity into a disability it will imply that there is nothing that can be done about being obese. We recognise that being morbidly obese is often due to a range of issues and is much more complex than diet and exercise alone. However, we feel making it a disability may well have a detrimental impact on the obese population.

Employers do have a responsibility to treat their entire workforce with respect and dignity regardless of their weight but it might be better to encourage employers to have strategies in place to help morbidly obese staff reduce their weight. We know that long term obesity can lead to a host of further medical complications and it is important that we do not lose sight of the importance of encouraging someone to reduce their weight rather than it being normalised.

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Our Vision  -    
A healthier nation for future generations

Our mission   - To raise awareness of the prevention of obesity related co-morbidity diseases

Join us   –   Please indicate in the email if you are a GP/Nurse/Dietitian/general public or other.  Your name and email address, thank you.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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About us

As an independant charity, the BOS receive no money from local or central government and is completely self-funding.

Winning Poster

We are delighted to announce our winner Zoe Westwood for the BOS Poster competition...please read the article in Home page and download the poster!

Our mission

We want to change attitudes towards obesity; how its managed, how we can prevent it, and how society responds. These are big challenges. We'd like to encourage a degree of activism among people living with obesity.
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